The Rainforest Geshas • Finca Santa Teresa

October 20, 2023

The Rainforest Geshas • Finca Santa Teresa

Jose Raul Pitti, Aracelly Estribi, and Rigoberto Flores Map of Panama indicating the location of the farm

Finca Santa Teresa Geshas

Reserve Series

Santa Clara, Panama • Finca Santa Teresa • Nicola and Grant Fleming

Four year relationship • Varying Processes • Gesha

Main points:

A stunning example of the potential of gesha coffees

FST has greater notoriety globally, with only a few US-based roasters carrying them.

Bordering a national park, FST acts as a buffer between protected nature and the rest of Panama.

The Coffee: Geshas, Natural and Washed

Gesha coffees have been seen as one of the best coffee varieties since its cultivation in 1931. Originally discovered in the Gori Gesha Forest in Bench Maji, Ethiopia, this incredible variety was shipped to Latin America where it was lost. Fast-forward a few decades to the mid-1990s, gesha trees were found in Panama, where its reputation for wild and intense floral and sweetness truly spread across the coffee world. Finca Santa Teresa was the second farm in the world to carry the rediscovered Gesha trees, some of which still live on the farm to this day. The names of these coffees such as Estribi or Manzana directly refer to the lots on this farm where they are grown. Estribi is available in both washed and natural, while Manzana is only natural.

The Producer: Nicola and Grant Fleming

Nicola and Grant Fleming, the visionary founders of Finca Santa Teresa, have cultivated a truly extraordinary coffee farm in the heart of Panama. Established in 1997, their commitment to excellence extends far beyond producing exceptional coffee beans. At Finca Santa Teresa, they champion the preservation of the lush natural vegetation that graces their nearly 100-hectare estate.

The Mission: Preservation as Stewards of the Land

The core of Finca Santa Teresa's uniqueness lies not just in the superior quality of their coffee but also in their unwavering dedication to biodiversity and sustainability. Of the expansive 100 hectares, only 70 are dedicated to coffee cultivation, demonstrating their steadfast commitment to maintaining a delicate equilibrium between pristine natural forest and productive farmland. This dedication to preserving the environment resonates through their lush landscape, adorned with meandering streams and a rich tapestry of diverse flora.

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Tasting notes:

Estribi Natural: Exuberant and Spirited cup with Grape Punch, Blue Raspberry Strawberry, and Rose.

Manzana Natural: Captivating and Adventurous cup Green Apple, Lilac, Rose, and Mango

Estribi Washed: Graceful and Ethereal cup with notes of White Tea, Jasmine, Lilac, and Sweet Citrus.