Partnering with illustrators is one of the most enjoyable parts of sourcing and then visually showcasing beautiful coffees and passionate farmers. Charlie Wagers is an illustrator that caught our eye, and we asked him to re-imagine the Corvus Raven and capture some of the elements of adventure and mission of Corvus Coffee.

He blew us away with a beautiful design we're featuring on a few MiiR products we love - The raven is holding a lantern, symbolizing one of our core ideals of "a rising tide raises all ships."

In the legend of coffees' discovery, Kaldi was said to have followed ravens calls as he searched for food for his goats. Being extremely smart and sociable, ravens are one of the only animals to alert when they find food. When we began roasting in Denver, the scene was just starting off and we wanted to adopt the mindset of working with other roasters to grow excitement and create passion for craft coffee collaboratively. Hence the name, Corvus Coffee. 

We love how Charlie has captured this idea, the rockies, and coffee in this design!

12oz • insulated stainless steel • hand wash only

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