The Next Chapter of the New High End

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From a producer who we see as the top of the game, a new farm with even more promise comes forth. There are no words that fully convey how excited we are to carry Geisha coffee from Iris Estate. Jamison Savage has taken the queen of varieties and married her to wine processing, producing some of the most wildly beautiful coffees we've ever discovered. Jamison has become one of, if not the, foremost producer of Carbonic Maceration experimental geishas in the world. He’s dialed in very unique processes to combine different gasses, different pressures, extended times, and different Ph levels to create flavor profiles uniquely his own.

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Region: Volcán, Panama

Farm: Iris Estate

Producer: Jamison Savage

Variety: Gesha

Aril Hybrid CM Geisha: The Aril Process is a Hybrid Carbonic Maceration process where whole cherries are fermented in CO2, then dry fully washed.

A lustrous and transformitive cup with an intense and recognizable blend of Florals and Tropical Fruit

Symmetry Natural Carbonic Maceration Geisha: The Symmetry process is the classic Carbonic Maceration, in the context of this new farm, with a natural drying process at the end. This coffee highlights the profile of a well crafted Carbonic Maceration coffee. It’s pulped and then placed in CO2 under pressure to create a pre-fermentation environment. 

An intense and evolutionary cup with a wild new expression of Deep Red Fruits and Floral Complexity.


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