COVID - 19 Update

April 13, 2020

COVID - 19 Update

We're all on our heels a little with the sudden-ness of COVID raising its' ugly head. I personally started hearing the news while I was still in Central America; buying coffee in Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Panama. 

When I landed back in Denver it was like jumping into the middle of a tornado. Answering questions and addressing concerns while immediately coming up with a game plan. Our people have rallied and we've implemented new procedures for cleanliness, hand washing, and other precautions to keep our cafes and roastery spotless and healthy.

My initial reaction when faced with an enormous challenge is to get creative. When the universe hands me a tough situation I feel a rush; like I've just been told I can't do something, and I immediately want to prove otherwise. This was no different and my first communication to the baristas and our leadership team was that we were pulling together, getting to work, and that we were going to exceed all expectations through this. We weren't going into survival mode.

As I find often happens, when you set a course of action in a positive direction it seems like the universe rises up to help you. We found inspiration from our roasters' wife, who is a nurse, to set up a mechanism where our customers can donate coffee to local healthcare professionals. Our wholesale team came up with the idea to start reaching out to offices to offer to ship care packs to at home employees. Our assistant roaster designed some very cool stickers to sell and cover lost barista wages. So many things started happening which enabled us to keep a focus on providing value to our community (or letting our community provide value through us) and stay focused on coffee!

We are still dropping excellent coffees, and our pace of bringing on new origins, reserve launches, and great subscription exclusive coffees hasn't slowed for a minute. We're glad for our customers and our team, and we're planning on coming out of this an even stronger and more agile coffee roasting company!

Hope you're well

-Philip Goodlaxson; Co-Founder & Green Buyer