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Nepalese coffee

Nepalese coffee

November 30, 2017

Nepal is an origin you don’t come across very often; the country only produces around 75 thousand of the globe’s 152 million bags of coffee each year. This one comes from the Nuwa Estate located in the hilly Nuwakot district in the shadow of the Himalayas. Nuwa was founded in 2007 by female entrepreneur Nima Sherpa with the intent of bringing new opportunities to the rural community as well as establishing the area as a premier producer of specialty coffee. 

One of the most exciting aspects of Nepalese coffee is that it is a new crop to this country. Because of this, good production techniques are in place from the start. There are no bad growing and processing habits that have momentum and need to be overcome in order for farmers to produce good coffee.

As you can imagine, this coffee has a flavor profile unique to its terroir. Mainly characterized by a complex almond flavor similar to amaretto or marzipan, this coffee also exhibits a floral quality and flavors of strong black tea and raisin. We like brewing it at a 1:16 ratio on the V60 which we will be doing until it runs out! We will also have a small handful of bags available for sale. This is a super limited one-time run, so swing by our Broadway location to give this rare find a try!