Producer: Venuste Mugraniza

Project: Production and Quality Increases at Tumba Washing Station

Goal: $10,000 raised

Region: Rulindo, Rwanda

Venuste is a former school teacher who saw coffee as a better way to positively impact his community. He purchased Tumba washing station and has grown prices for farmers throughout the region exponentially over the years we've worked with him by helping them cover basic needs through health insurance, loans, and access to agronomists - focusing on increasing quality. 

He's working on an ambitious 5 year plan to grow his capacity and start creating pricing tiers with incentives for farmers who deliver higher quality cherry. The portion of this large, multi-year project he's currently working on is building a nursery for seedlings he can distribute to farmers he works with to improve the variety selection and quality of plants. This also helps support better crop management, reducing the cost of rotating plants on a regular basis, which increases yields and quality but requires upfront investment.

Help support this project, accelerating the timeline through the purchase of our Rwandan Crane Pin - created in collaboration with Zaine Vaun, one of our favorite illustrators!

The corresponding cup can be found here

$10 from every pin purchased goes to Venuste's seedling nursery.

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