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Region: Alajuela, Costa Rica

Farm: Volcan Azul

Producer: Alejo Castro

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Variety: Typica Lima

Tasting Notes: Orange, Fig, and Chocolate

Alejo Castro's story, rooted in the lush landscapes of Volcan Azul, Costa Rica, transcends mere coffee farming—it's a narrative woven with threads of resilience, heritage, and unwavering dedication. Across seven generations, his family's journey echoes through continents, from the rugged terrains of Mexico to the dense forests of Tanzania, before finding a home in the verdant hills of Costa Rica. Amidst the upheavals of history, from fleeing insurgents in Mexico to being displaced after World War II, the Castro family's commitment to coffee cultivation remained steadfast, a testament to their enduring spirit.

For Alejo, nurturing the plants that bear the family name isn't just about business; it's a sacred homage to the legacy of those who came before him— a legacy of excellence, perseverance, and the timeless artistry of coffee cultivation. This typica hybrid is subjected to anaerobic fermentation before natural dying, resulting in bright and dynamic notes.

V60 Brew Recommendations:

Dose: 20g

Ratio: 1:17

Grind: 8.0/16.0

Bloom: 1:2 for 30s

Total Brew: 3:15

TDS: 1.37

Extraction: 19.9%

We recommend a pulsated pours for a more lively cup

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