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Corvus Coffee Subscription

Coffee subscriptions are where we send out our most interesting coffees; emerging producers, unique processing methods, or distinct lots which are unusually high scoring. 

The Corvus subscription is a seasonal selection of coffee from our travels. Hand selected for the monthly box. 

Select your number of bags per shipment and how frequently you would like the shipment to take place.

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Cheerful and driven, Mauricio and his wife have focused on improving quality year over year, and have found ways to do this while increasing the output of their farm. They have come upon ways of harvesting and processing that are unique to their farm, and lend to unique cup profiles. 

This coffee was one of the best coffees we cupped while we were in Bolivia, and we were really excited to find a sharp and quality focused family behind it. We're excited to give our subscription members an early introduction to a coffee family that has a lot of potential for the future!

Doorway to the amazon

Farms in, and around, the Caranavi region are tucked right into the jungle. For years we've focused on finding coffee areas like this because the biodiversity and stability of cooler temperatures this close proximity to the rainforest provides is very good for coffee.

This area has clouds rolling through the mountains nearly all day, which brings humidity and a chill to the air. Coffee plants love this, and these temperatures lead to more sugar formation and a good concentration of flavor in the bean.

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