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Corvus Coffee Subscription

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February subscription coffee is the last of Kii • Kenya 2021 Vintage

Right now you're on the tour bus - looking out the window at coffee. Grab your machete. We're heading into the jungle...

This subscription is created to invite you into the perspective of a full time coffee buyer; transforming the way you look at the world through the lens of coffees. Each series will take you through 3-4 coffees which highlight the most recently harvesting region and shed light on what is happening in the world of coffee. Like with all journeys you'll gain insight that will change your paradigm, excite your senses, and stimulate your intellect.

March • Ciros New Tree • Pink Bourbon from the coffee cowboy
April • Pablos Neighbors • Outstanding Bolivian community coffee
May • Leonids Experiment • The variety that heralds a change in Colombian coffee


  • A 3-4 part coffee series meticulously curated by our Head Green Buyer
  • A bespoke design for each series illustrated by talented artist friends
  • A booklet with more information about each farmer

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Monthly or Bi-Weekly Subscription

Shipping Included • Edit Any Time • Medium/Light Roast

Access pre-ordering for reserve coffees & follow the stories of coffee farmers throughout the most remote areas of the world