Corvus Coffee Subscription

Coffee subscriptions are where we send out our most interesting coffees; emerging producers, unique processing methods, or distinct lots which are unusually high scoring. 

The Corvus subscription is a seasonal selection of coffee from our travels. Hand selected for the monthly box. 

Select your number of bags per shipment and how frequently you would like the shipment to take place.

Shipping included. Your bag will ship every month the same week you place your order. Edit your subscription any time!

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Freddy Morales

Freddy and his brother are second generation producers. Their father found a farm in a beautiful but remote area of Huehuetenango when they were boys. They built a road into the area, which was a boon for many of the surrounding farms, and have become a partner to many of their neighboring coffee producers.

Micro Lots

Freddy and Alejandro not only use a process of micro lotting coffees at their farm (which is what El Pino is), but they also have set up a micro lot purchasing program for many of the surrounding farmers as well. 

Instead of selling to local brokers who pay very little, but offer immediate payment, farmers can now sell through Finca Rosma's connections for the highest dollar directly to roasters and importers.

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Shipping included

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